Clearly I was bored earlier 😁

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Clearly I was bored earlier 😁


What do I want you to say?

I want you to tell me that the pillow beneath your head would be better if I was laying on the other side. Or even better, that you wish I was using your chest as my pillow.

I want you to tell me that the rain sounds better when I’m around. And that the sun reflecting in my eyes and on my hair takes your breath for just a second.

I want you to say that my lips on your cheek mean just as much as my kisses on your neck. So maybe they’re not just kisses, but that you like them all the same.

I want you to speak through the whispers of my name in your sleep or the moans when we’re together at 3am.

I want you to mention me in the conversation at the dinner table if you think of me, even when I’m not around. It could be in passing, but the thoughts always matter.

I want you to tell me the lyrics that make you smile and that one song that always makes you cry and the vinyl that makes you dance and which ones make me cross your mind.

I want you to say your heart is warm on the chilliest of snow days and in the coldest of oceans because I’m by your side, creating beautiful memories.

But more than anything, what I want to hear is that you love me. You love me so much it hurts. I want you to say you’ll never leave, even if we both know that’s not true. I want you to say that I’m the only one you want, even if it’s for the next two months or three years. I want you to confess that breaking my heart would break yours.

Although, I have a feeling that will happen anyway.



Just lounging 😏

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Just lounging 😏

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my wallet needs to be as thick as my thighs

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"And how odd it is
to be haunted by someone
that is still alive."

I Guess the Old You is a Ghost (#589: June 25, 2014)

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